The Stables of Le Pignole

The Stables of Le Pignole

A passion family

The Le Pignole family farm makes its own stable available to visitors. Fifteen horses and the assistance of an authorized equestrian guide are available for a fascinating tour through vineyards and woods to discover fascinating glimpses and the architectural perfection of the nearby Palladian Villas.

The structure of the stables is perfectly integrated into the landscape and was constructed in the midst of the green and unexplored hills. A real equestrian centre, that also boards horses for those who would like to buy a horse but have no space to keep it

The Stables of Le Pignole

Children can ride in the fenced area where they can acquire the rudiments of riding, gain confidence with horses, and celebrate their first ride with the saddle baptism (ages 3 and up). The stables also offer a farm educational program, where children can get close to nature: discovering the world of horses and ponies, living the experience of harvests and agricultural life. For the older folks the stables are equipped for giving riding lessons with both English and American saddles, individual or group lessons for a maximum of 4 students, and for all levels of preparation. In fact, a E.G.E.A. certified guide will accompany even the least expert riders in safety.

While for anyone who wants to enjoy an absolutely relaxing and romantic experience, there are programmed carriage rides through the hills (maximum 4 persons).